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Main Benefits

  • It enables you to prepare and plan for your litter
  • If you show your dogs you can plan your shows
  • It enables you to locate suitable homes for your impending puppy
  • You can feed your bitch accordingly, tailoring nutrition for her condition       
  • The whelping room/area can be prepared and your bitch introduced into it in plenty of time to help reduce stress
  • Having the scan in a clean, calm and stress free environment can help to reduce the risk of infection to a possible in whelp bitch that could occur by taking her to the Veterinary surgery
  • Please note: Scans are carried out to confirm pregnancy only.  Exact number of puppies cannot be given or guaranteed.
  • Basic information sheet available on confirmation of puppies to help guide you through your bitch's pregnancy.

Phantom Pregnancy in Dogs

(Scanning will confirm if your bitch is having a phantom)


A phantom (false) pregnancy is the term used when a bitch is not pregnant but shows signs of pregnancy, lactation, nursing and nesting. Phantom pregnancies are not uncommon. Some figures show that up to 60% of bitches experience them to some extent during their lifetime. It develops 6-14 weeks after a season, at which time the bitch has a normal rise in the hormone prolactin. In some individuals, this level is excessive and clinical signs of false pregnancy occur. Prolactin is one of the normal hormones of pregnancy and so the clinical signs seen are typical of a pregnant bitch. The mammary glands develop and milk may be produced. Affected animals often make nests and may collect objects, such as toys and shoes, within the bed as though they are puppies.