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 All images seen on this website are scans that have been performed by CPSY and NOT to be copied by a third party.

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Scanning from 26 days after last mating

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ou are thinking of having your bitch scanned to check for pregnancy then feel free to browse my website and should you wish to book or have any queries please contact me and I will be more than happy to help.



Canine Scanning Service Explained....

I offer canine pregnancy scanning for all breeds, with confidentiality assured and I am fully qualified, experienced and insured.


Scans can take place from 27 days after the last mating and can be carried out at my home in a clean, calm and stress free environment or at a location of your choice (mobile scanning prices will vary according to mileage; please telephone to discuss).


Dogs can be scanned lying down or standing.  It is not necessary to clip, but sometimes, with the owner's permission, a little underneath fur may need to be removed on excessively hairy breeds for optimum scan quality.


Most scans take between 15-30 minutes and cost £25 (see above for current offer) with a photograph or video of your bitch's scan being e-mailed to you at no extra cost.


Ultrasound scanning is a safe and non-invasive procedure when scanning for pregnancy in dogs.


If the scan is negative, you will be entitled to one free re-scan, if taken within 14 days (at my premises), to allow for late conceptions.


Please note: Scans are carried out to confirm pregnancy only.  Exact numbersof puppies cannot be given or guaranteed.


I am available to scan on any day and please call if you have an emergency and I will try to accommodate you.


Canine Pregnancy Scanning Yorkshire will not involve themselves with any person they know or suspect are breeding dogs for the purpose of fighting or guarding.